Hijama Treatments

Hijama for Full Body

Rs3,500 25 min
Even if you are overall fit, a full body detox is our best recommendation. This is also a preventive Hijama that relieves stress, makes you active and raises your immunity levels. It covers the most important sunnah points and also detoxes your main organs i.e lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, lower back and neck.

Full Body Cupping Massage

Rs3,500 30 min
Sports massage cupping is ideal for tired muscles. Negative pressure of cups release the knots in your muscles. Moreover it stimulates the subcutaneous layer of your skin to release toxins and bring them up. This cures pain within the muscles and oxygenates the cells which relaxes the body, heals torn muscles and removes soreness and swelling.

Hijama for Sunnah Points Only

Rs2,960 40 min
Various ahadith indicate 9 different points where the Prophet PBUH got Hijama done. Keep in mind, these points were applied for different problems at different times. For e.g Hijama was done on the head to remove effects of black magic. If you still want to choose all those points, then think no further and just make an appointment.

Hijama Per Point

Rs300 15 min
In this option, you can choose the number of cups you want. It could be as minimum as just 1 cup. Also if you choose more than 6 cups, then price drops to 280 per cup. If you choose more than 10 cups, then price drops to 250 per cup and up to 15 cups is 233 per cup.

Hijama for Hair loss

Rs3,840 30 min
We apply 9 cups on your head, neck and nape of the neck. We have had a lot of positive feedback from youngsters who’ve done hijama for hair loss. Please note, if your age is above 30, then this treatment may not make a lot of difference. Genetic baldness starts after 30 and has no cure except transplant.

Hijama Home Service

Rs5,000 45 min
Sit back, relax and get Hijama done at the comfort of your home. This is usually best if you are a group of individuals who get together and want to get Hijama done. We will bring our own equipment and protective gear. You just need to give us a call. Prices vary depending on number of people.