• Is Hijama painful?

    Is Hijama painful?

    Hijama is not painful. It is slighly uncomfortable during the process. First we put the cups on for a couple of minutes to numb the area of the cup. After that when we make very light cuts just on the surface of the skin which feels like somebody is writing on your skin with a pen.

  • How long is the process of Hijama?

    How long is the prcess of Hijama

    Typically 25-30 minutes

  • Do the marks of Hijama go away?

    Do the marks of Hijama go away

    Yes, the marks of hijama go away as your skin heals, which is typically 4-5 days

  • Do I have to book an appointment

    Do I have to book an appointment

    We have enough room to do 4 appointments of hijama at one time so normally even if you walk in, chances are you won’t have to wait. You can always call us or book an appointment through this website to make sure we have a slot available for you

  • What do I need to do before Hijama

    What do I need to do before Hijama

    We need you to come on empty stomach for at least 3 hours before hijama and at least 2 hours for diabetec patients

  • I am a diabetic. Can I still get hijama done?

    I am a diabetic. Can I still get hijama done

    Yes, for diabetics, we are especially careful. We check sugar levels before Hijama and if we find it to be low, then we reschedule for a different time.

  • Can I get an infection through Hijama?

    Can I get an infection through Hijama

    You are more likely to get an infection going to a dentist, then visiting our clinic. We always use new and disposable equipment. Additionally, we use disposable surgical blades which come pre sterilized. We also use disinfectant spray to surface clean the place of hijama before and after. Even medical doctors have confirmed that our level of hygiene is very advanced.

  • Can I exercise after Hijama?

    Can I exercise after Hijama

    Yes, you can exercise and do any of your routine tasks, including going back to work. However, we ask you refrain from going to the gym for 24 hours as the cuts are fresh and when you sweat, it might sting you a bit. Moreover, gym is a public area which is not typically hygienic, so it’s best to wait until the cuts have healed which doesn’t take more than 24 hrs.

  • Are there any side effects of Hijama?

    Are there any side effects of Hijama

    Hijama can have the following effects :
    1) Feeling of dizziness
    2) Nausea
    3) Feverish
    4) Pain in the body
    5) Weakness

    The above mentioned effects is not an exhaustive list of but mostly we have seen these effects happen spefically to those people who are aflicted by the touch of the Jinn or have been aflicted with black magic.
    However, when we see these signs, we make the person relaxed and we make sure to give them water and or honey or juices and observe them to make sure they are ok afterwards.

  • Can hijama cure black magic?

    Can hijama cure black magic

    Our Prophet (PBUH) applied hijama on his forehead when black magic (sihr) was done on him. Hence we know one of the cures of black magic, is applying hijama on the head. With experience we have also seen that people who are afflicted with black magic are also possessed by Jinn, so we try to find the place in the body where the jinn residing and apply hijama on those points/areas.

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