Symptoms of Black Magic on Physical Health

  • Symptoms that do not respond to treatment
  • Infertility
  • Severe tightness in the chest
  • Occasional constant stomach-aches
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Moving pain from head, neck and shoulders
  • Constriction in the throat
  • Serious digestion problems
  • Constant Cramps
  • Always feeling weak
  • Always feeling dizzy
  • Doctors cannot find the cause of the illness
  • Feeling pins and needles
  • Moving pains in the body
  • Male Impotency
  • Inability to have sexual intercourse with spouse
  • Part of the body becomes numb
  • Part of the body shakes

Sweating at night even the is not hot
You hate everything about your spouse
Seeing jinn (spirit, ghost)
The feeling you hate everyone in the house
Total obedience and docility to one’s partner
Extreme unawareness
Strange staring
Hearing voices in your mind
Always having bad temper
Keep on seeing spouse in an ugly way
Serious headache with no definite cause
Heaviness on the heart
Complete loss of appetite for food
Imagining one has done something in reality one has not
Keep on having negative thoughts
Feeling the presence of somebody in the house
Feeling depressed
Sudden obedience love for a particular person
Feeling irritable or tense
Staying in the washroom for a long time
Being afraid in the bath room
Thoughts of death or suicide attempts
Difficulty in concentrating
Heavy weight on the shoulders
Feelings of hopelessness
Extreme forgetfulness
Keep on having hallucination
A sudden change in attitude from love to hate
Feeling uneasy during Salaah
Feeling something is moving in the body
Dislike reading the Quran?
Dislike listening to the Quran?
Dislike listening to Azan
Keeping one self away from family
Prefer not to have showers
Uncontrollable anger
Obscene thoughts during Salaah
Urges or thoughts to jump off bridge
Male premature ejaculation