(Rohani Ilaj for Depression & Anxiety)

Ruqyah Ash-shariah

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Ruqyah Rohani Ilaj for Depression & Anxiety

Ruqyah – roohani ilaj to treat Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are more of a spiritual problem than a physical problem. When your soul feels that something wrong is happening, then that feeling manifests into depression and anxiety. As Allah says in the Quran ‘Truly, Only in the remembrance of your Allah, will hearts attain peace’ (13:28).

Sometimes, depression and anxiety are also called due to effects of black magic.

To treat depression and anxiety, we treat people through Quran.

We sit down with you and listen to your situation or problems and then treat with you with Ruqyah (roohani ilaj)

How is roohani ilaj done to treat Depression and Anxiety?

  1. We read Quran upon you, also called dum.
  2. We read Quran upon water and give it you to drink it.
  3. We read Quran upon water for you take a bath with.
  4. We read Quran upon Olive Oil and Black Seed Oil for you to drink and anoint yourself with.
  5. We will do hijama specifically to treat physical problems caused by Jinn. We will also do hijama on certain areas, where we think Jinn might be residing it, for e.g. Head, Feet.
  6. We read Quran upon some natural herbs and explain to you how to use them to treat evil eye.
  7. We will consult with you, to make a proper guideline specifically to suit your daily routine. Everyone is different and with different capabilities.
  8. We will guide on upon the correct methodology of treatment.
  9. We will guide you upon the correct theology (Aqeedah)
  10. We will give you protection duas for daily use.

We have now opened a dedicated roohani ilaj center Abu Ayaan Quranic Healing Center in F-10 Markaz. For appointments, please call 03175403955 or email us at

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Ruqyah Ash-shariah

45 min. | PKR 5,000