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Ruqyah Ash-shariah

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Ruqyah Roohani Ilaj

Ruqyah – roohani ilaj to treat Black Magic (Witchcraft)

Ruqyah As-Shariah also called roohani ilaj in urdu is the only method reported by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to heal problems related to witchcraft (black magic), Evil Eye (aen), Jinn possession and even medical problems. For example, Surah Falaq and Surah Nas were specifically recited by the Prophet (PBUH) to break the magic spell and destroy witchcraft. This is how roohani ilaj is properly supposed to be practiced. Similarly, certain surahs from the Quran are recited upon a person to try and heal ailments whether they be physical or spiritual problems. Ruqyah (roohani ilaj) is the only authentic and correct way of curing people afflicted by witchcraft (black magic) or jinn possession.

How is roohani ilaj done to treat Black Magic (Witchcraft)?

  1. We read Quran upon you, also called dum.
  2. We read Quran upon water and give it you to drink it.
  3. We will do hijama specifically to treat black magic.
  4. We will read Quran upon olive oil and black seed oil for you to drink and anoint yourself with.
  5. We read Quran upon some natural herbs and explain to you how to use them to treat black magic
  6. We will consult with you, to make a proper guideline specifically to suit your daily routine. Everyone is different and with different capabilities.
  7. We will guide on upon the correct methodology of treatment
  8. We will guide you upon the correct theology (Aqeedah)

We have now opened a dedicated roohani ilaj center Abu Ayaan Quranic Healing Center in F-10 Markaz. For appointments, please call 03175403955 or email us at

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Ruqyah Ash-shariah

45 min. | PKR 5,000