Hijama spine flush
Hijama spine flush

spine flush

Hijama Spine Flush

What is Hijama Spine Flush?

Muscle hypertrophy occurs when the fibres of the muscle sustain damage or injury. The body repairs damaged fibres by fusing them, which increases the mass and size of the muscles. (Ref: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319151#how-does-muscle-grow-in-the-body)

When you exercise, you put stress on your spine and muscle fibres tear up. This process produces toxins and non-beneficial elements such as lactic acid. Over time, these elements cause stagnation of blood all over the spine and surrounding areas which should be removed. By way of Hijama these fluids are drained from the bloodstream further increasing blood circulation.

During cupping, capillaries in the body are broken down due to the suction on the skin (soft tissue). When capillaries break, it causes bruising on the skin. The body’s way of dealing with broken capillaries is to flood the area with oxygen and blood. This speeds up the healing of injuries.

Studies show that points of Hijama cause healing effect 5 inches deep into the skin. So when Hijama is done along the whole spine, it not only heals the stressed muscles and tissues of a bodybuilder, it also detoxes all the organs running down the spine. This includes heart, liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines which is crucial especially when you are on an anabolic training routine.

Hijama spine flush is a way of flushing out all those non-beneficial elements from your body. As the picture above illustrates, Hijama is applied all along the spine which increases the healing process, detoxes the body and rehydrates the muscles. This boosts your immune system, heals your spine and allows your body to build without the burden of stress, swelling and tiredness keeping you fit ‘The sunnah way’

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