It is narrated that the Prophet PBUH got hijama done on his head (crown area of the head), when Sihr (Black magic) was done on him. He PBUH also got hijama done when he had a headache while he was in a state of Ihram.

We have seen in our experience that Hijama is very effective in curing the effects of Sihr (black magic). This can also be the place where the Shaytaan (jinn) can reside and whisper in your ears. Additionally, we also recite the Quran (ruqyah) while performing Hijama at the same time. If a person is afflicted with Sihr or jinn possession, then chances are that the person is going to react by making involuntary movements such as twitching or by making gestures with hands and feet or even by screaming or becoming violent. In some cases , the jinn causes the person to faint or act like the person has fainted. An experience Raaqi can almost always tell the difference and if the diagnosis becomes such that the person upon whom Hijama is being performed is possessed, then the hijama therapist will try to look for different places in the body where the jinn could be residing and apply hijama on those areas.

In summary, hijama combined with Ruqyah as a cure of black magic is not only effective but also prescribed in the Prophetic Medicine.

And Allah knows best.

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