Sciatica can be a very painful experience for a lot of people. This is a pain that’s caused due to compression of a nerve in the spine and it radiates from the lower back of the spine (l4, l5 ) region and usually follows down the right hip and all the way to the leg. Sometimes this pain also spreads in both the legs.

Hijama is not just an effective therapy for this problem, but it’s actually a cure as well. Modern day medicine will usually advice a surgery but we have had several cases where hijama has actually cured sciatic problem. Cases of sciatica range from extreme, to severe and sometimes just painful discomfort and repetition of hijama is the key to successfully curing this problem.

The procedure for doing hijama for sciatica is usually following the pain area and applying cups through the region of pain. This region normally requires 10 to 12 cups if the pain is just on one leg, but if it’s spread across both the legs then it requires 10 to 12 cups on each leg and this treatment is broken down into 2 sessions. Afterwards this treatment is repeated as per the recommendation of the hijama therapist. The treatment needs to be continued until the pain is totally gone which is usually between 4 to 7 sessions

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