Hijama has proven to be very effective treatment for sinusitis. We have had several patients who turned to hijama with successful results after trying various other available treatments including surgery, homeopathy and allopathic medicines.

As illustrated in the diagram above, the whole area on and around the nose and forehead is covered with hijama cups. This treatment is repeated at the discretion of the hijama therapist which could be weekly or monthly depending on the bleeding of the patient, their age and HB levels. We have seen tremendous improvement in the patients health with regards to sinusitis. They immediately start seeing the results which include, breathing normally, removal of pressure on the forehead that causes a constant headache and waking up with a restful sleep feeling energised and ready to go.

If you have this problem, then we highly recommend Hijama and we can assure you that you will see immediate results with the will of Allah.

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