Hijama for hair loss is illustrated in the above picture. Please bear in mind, that hijama for hair loss is repeated 5 to 7 times over a period of 6 months and it is specifically done for young boys who start to lose hair from their twenties. Genetic hair fall normally starts after the age of 30 , so if you’re losing hair before that age, then Hijama can really make the different with the permission of Allah SWT. We generally advice people to take care of their hair and health and refrain from using products that eventually lead to hair loss, such as hair gel etc. Moreover, dandruff is a leading cause of hair fall and this condition can easily be cured with Hijama.

People ask us, do they have to shave off their hair for this treatment. The answer is, that we recommend that you shave off your hair so that we can apply all the cups illustrated above at the same time. If you would rather not shave your hair , then we can also do it with a suction machine, which takes more time, because we can only apply one cup at a time using the machine. Initially, I used to refrain from doing hijama for hair loss because I didn’t think it could help until one day a young boy forced me to do it on his head and it really made a lot of difference. Then he started sending more people to us and we started doing more hijama for hair loss and SubhanAllah, it really makes a difference in young boy’s lives.

If you would like to get hijama done for hair loss, then please use the following link and book yourself an appointment.

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