Hijama for Full Body

Get your full body detoxed. You won’t regret it. (15 cups.)

25 min. | PKR 4,500

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Full body hijama is one of the most beneficial therapies we offer at our centre.

15 cups are applied as follows:

a) 2 on neck (sunnah points)

b) 1 on nape of the neck (kahil/sunnah point). Hadith mentions it has cure for more than 72 ailments.

c) 4 on lungs (2 on each lung)

d) 2 on liver

e) 1 under the nape of the neck (under kahil)

f) 2 on kidneys

g) 1 on spleen /pancreas

h) 1 on lower back (L5 region)

i) 1 on heart

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Hijama for Full Body

25 min. | PKR 4,500