Every now and then, I get patients who have a frozen shoulder or a shoulder injury so I thought I would share my thoughts on this topic.

A little time ago, I got a call from a surgeon, who wanted an appointment for hijama. On the phone he didn’t tell me who he was or what he wanted hijama done for. Same day he came to see me with his friend who had (frozen shoulder) and explained to me that he was a surgeon and although he wasn’t entirely convinced on hijama; his friend was committed to getting hijama done so he thought he would tag along and make sure that everything is done properly and hygienically. He even told his friend not to do it right in front of me and accordingly to him, the only cure for frozen shoulder was an operation. Anyhow, I sat his friend down and performed Hijama for his shoulder. Once I was finished, he felt immediate relief and even the doctor was astounded. The brother in his excitement, reached for his wallet at the back of his pants and didn’t even realise that he hadn’t been able to reach to his back pocket for a very long time but now he was able to do so without any problems. He was ecstatic, SubhanAllah.

It is not wrong to say that Hijama is a miracle cure for a lot of treatments. I have seen the effects of hijama in my own life as well as a lot patients who come to see me. Alhamdullilah

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