abu ayaan hijama center dry cupping
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abu ayaan hijama center dry cupping
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Best Hijama Center in Peshawar

If you’re looking for the best hijama center in Peshawar, then look no further. Located in the heart of Peshawar, Abu Ayaan Hijama center is the cleanest, most modern Hijama center, possibly in the whole of Pakistan.


  • Most Hygienic, Sterile and State of the art Hijama facility in Peshawar.
  • Located at Awan Center, University Road.
  • Team of experts led by Abu Ayaan (Qualified from United Kingdom).
  • Open all days including Saturdays & Sundays.
  • Secured by Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Reliant on sterilization of beds before and after every session.
  • All equipment is disposable.
  • Disposable surgical blades pre-sterilised by gamma rays.
  • We can cater to 5 individuals are the centre at one time.
  • Ruqyah sessions during Hijama.
  • Affiliated from HijamainBirmingham.com
  • Bookings available online, facebook or phone.
  • Head Hijama without shaving your hair.

Hijama Per Point

Rs300 15 mins
Choose number of cups you want for Hijama

Price for Hijama Per Point

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Full Body Hijama

Hijama for Hair Loss

Rs4,000 45 Mins
Hijama on head is very effective for hair loss.

9 Cups applied on Head and Neck

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Sunnah Points Only

Rs2500 25 Mins
The total number of sunnah points are 7.

All the points that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) applied

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Sports Cupping Massage

Rs4,000 30 Mins
Dry Cupping therapy for deep tissue sports massage.

Sports Cupping Massage

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Ruqyah Hijama

Rs5,000 30 mins
Hijama for treatment of black magic and jinn possession.

Ruqyah Points in Hijama

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